Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location

Foothill Accountable Care Medical Group, Inc.
840 Towne Center Drive
Pomona, CA 91767

ACO Primary Contact

Jacqueline Vela
Administrator & CMS ACO Liaison
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone (909) 398-1550, ext. 238

Organizational Information:

  • ACO Participants:
    Abraham Chen, D.O., Inc.
    Ali Mohammad Etemadian, D.O., Inc.
    Anthony S Oh A Medical Corporaton
    A. R. Mohan, M.D., Inc.
    B Don Ahn MD
    Benacre Medical Center
    Bhupal Kommineni, M.D., Inc.
    Bipin Patadia, M.D., F.A.C.C., Inc.
    Brad Katzman
    Bryan P. Chan, M.D., Inc.
    Bryan X Lee A Professional Medical Corporation
    California Foothills Medical Associates
    California Institute Of Cardiovascular Health Inc.
    Carey A. Bledsoe, DPM A Professional Medical Corporation
    Channell Family Medical Group, Inc.
    Chaparral Medical Group, Inc.
    Charles Ho, M.D.
    Claremont Eye Associates Medical Group
    Comprehensive Primary Care Medical Associates
    Cong T. Phan M.D., Inc.
    Ct Hung Md Inc.
    Daryl Caringi, D.O., A Medical Corporation
    Deepaaleya Medical Group, Inc.
    Dwaraknath P. Reddy, M.D.
    Dwight J. Goddard, M.D., Inc.
    Garey Orthopedic Medical Group
    Gary T. Lai, M.D.
    Generoso S. Nery, M.D., Inc.
    Gerardo M. General, M.D., Inc.
    Ghassan Hadi, M.D., Inc.
    Harvey D. Cohen, M.D., Inc.
    Hedy Loa
    Hospitalist Corporation of Inland Empire
    Inland Family Healthcare Centers
    Inland Pulmonary Medical Group
    Inland Rheumatology & Osteoporosis Medical Group Inc
    Inland Urology Medical Group
    Inland Valley Hematology Oncology Associates
    Inland Valley Infectious Disease Medical Group, Inc.
    Internal Medicine Medical Group
    J. Singh, D.O., Inc.
    Jagtar Dhadwal, M.D., Inc.
    Jan David Tepper, D.P.M., Inc.
    Jennifer R. Boozer, D.O., Inc.
    Jonardi Handoko, M.D.
    Jose A. Dheming M.D., Inc.
    Karin C. Li, M.D., A Professional Medical Corporation
    Krishan K. Malhotra, M.D., Inc.
    Lederhaus Disney And Rodriguez
    Louie Medical Group, Inc.
    Mahmood A. Khan
    Mallu Reddy, M.D., Inc
    Manuel C. Rivera, M.D., APC
    Michael Chai, M.D., Inc.
    Mountain View Emergency Physicians Medical Group
    Mukesh Amin, Md & Tejinder Singh Md Inc
    Naveen Gupta M.D. Inc.
    Nephology Associates of Upland and Pomona
    Nidia M. Colomer de Saca, M.D.
    Ofelia L. Narvasa, M.D., Inc.
    Parveen Virani, M.D., Inc.
    Paul Dorr
    Premier Family Medicine Associates, Inc.
    Primaria Medical Clinic
    Randy Karu, M.D., Inc.
    Ricardo Saca
    Robert Jones
    San Antonio Urology Medical Group, Inc.
    S Mandilawi MD Medical Corp
    S.M. Hammad Rizvi, M.D., Inc.
    Southern California Primary Medical, Inc.
    Steven Floum
    Streng Bassi Begum And Jiang
    Sudhir K Reddy Md Inc
    Susan Biegel, M.D., Inc.
    Synergy CT Surgery Partnership
    Tom Moy, M.D.
    Truong D Duong M.D., A Medical Corporation
    Usha Mantha, M.D.
    Vatsal Haren Mody, M.D., Inc.
    Viet D. Ta, Md & Tiffany L. Quan, Md Medical Associates Inc.
    Vinod K. Dhawan, M.D.
    Vinod K. Garg Md, Inc.
    Warren Regh C. Gabrillo III, M.D., Inc.
    Wayne H. Martin, M.D., Inc.
    Wilbert T Tsai Md Inc
    Y. George Lin, M.D., Inc.
    Yin H. Lai, M.D.
    Zouhair Hakak, M.D.
  • ACO Participants in Joint Ventures between ACO Professionals and Hospitals:
  • ACO Governing Body:
    1. Tejinder Singh, M.D., Voting Member, ACO Participant, Private Practice in Upland
    2. Patty Rajan, Officer, CFO
    3. Rakesh Sinha, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Group Practice in Pomona
    4. Jaffar Tremazi, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Group Practice in Pomona
    5. Lester Holstein, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Group Practice in Claremont
    6. Naveen Gupta, Voting Member
    7. Bhupal Kommineni, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Private Practice in Upland
    8. C.T. Hung, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Private Practice in Upland
    9. Harvey Cohen, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Group Practice in Rancho Cucamonga
    10. Ricardo Saca, Voting Member, ACO Participant, Private Practice in Upland
    11. Ofelia Narvasa, Officer, ACO Participant, Private Practice in Chino
  • Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership:
    1. President: Dr. Tejinder Singh
    2. Medical Director: Dr. Tejinder Singh
    3. Compliance Officials: Dr. Rakesh Sinha and Dr. Ricardo Saca
    4. Quality Assurance/Improvement Officers: Dr. Harvey Cohen and Dr. Jaffar Tremazi
  • Associated Committees and Committee Leadership:
    1. Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Committee: Dr. Harvey Cohen, Chair
    2. Compliance Committee: Dr. Rakesh Sinha, Chair
  • Types of ACO Participants, or Combinations of Participants, that formed the ACO:
    1. ACO professionals in a group practice arrangement
    2. Network of individual practices of ACO professionals

Shared Savings and Losses:

    ACO in Second Year of First Agreement Period

  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2015: No Savings was earned
  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2014: No Savings was earned

Shared Savings Distribution:

Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Years 2014, 2015:

  • Primary Care Professionals:15%
  • Primary Care Professionals – High Performance: Additional 5%
  • Specialist Professionals: 15%
  • Specialist Professionals – High Performance: Additional 5%

Any remainder of Shared Savings shall be used for ACO operations, to help FACMG fund working capital reserves, anticipated capital expenditures, offset any carry forward losses, for projected operating losses, potential repayment obligations, and practitioner retention strategy(ies).

Payment Rule Waivers:
No, our ACO does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.

Quality Performance Results:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medicare Service Center: 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227)

Medicare Service Center TTY: 877-486-2048